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Our Vision

REMMI Corp is dedicated to creating a power source in the form of a rotating motor suitable for use where currently fossil fuel and electric motors are employed. The motor will use a naturally occurring force as a catalyst for rotation therefore eliminating the need for fuel input and creating no harmful byproduct. This motor design will be scalable and mechanically efficient to allow for a broad application use. The development of this motor would significantly reduce dependence on fuel supply lines while curbing the negative environmental impact existing motors create. Our motor design combines robust mechanical practice to create rotation while taking an innovative approach to managing the force necessary to propel the rotation.

When can we see it?

The REMMI motor and associated power generation products are under development. Please subscribe for updates concerning development, pricing, pre-orders and investment opportunities. Don't forget to check our Blog below for updates.

Where did the idea begin?

Longtime machinist Raymond Mark  has a rich history of creative manufacturing strategies for difficult to make machined products. It was during a brainstorming session for a particularly difficult application that the discussion sparked an idea that force could be created naturally and, if harnessed correctly, could drive rotation like an engine in a car. It took several months of long drives to and from his work and some sleepless nights but finally a mechanical strategy to make it work started to take shape. Raymond knew that the force he imagined would not equal that of an internal combustion engine of today, these engines have had over a hundred years of development and untold amounts of engineering dollars dedicated to their improvement. But we have to start somewhere right? we know that in order to curb the negative environmental impact of emissions from burning fossil fuel and the  environmental, political and economical burden being dependent on pumping oil from the ground we need a legitimate option for power. The next step was to move from sketches on paper and whiteboards to CAD (Computer Aided Design) models and simulation. It took another few months to finalize a design for a prototype that could be built and tested to see if the motor would really work. And that is where we are in our story, currently some of the parts are made and more are in the queue for machining. Please follow Raymond's Blog below for updates.

Be the first to own

To more efficiently beta and real world test the designs REMMI is accepting a limited number of pre-orders now for the first motor and generator release. Those who pre-order will receive priority delivery and be locked in to a 30% discount from list pricing. Please see the pre-order pricing below and contact REMMI for more info and payment.


Q: Will it really work?

A: We believe it will! with over 75 combined years of high performance engine building, design and fabrication, manufacturing and repair, the staff at REMMI is convinced that the design will produce rotation and torque.

Q: Is this supposed to be "perpetual motion"?

A: No, definitely not. While we believe we can achieve many years of service without the need for any fuel input, it is still a mechanical device and we all know that mechanical devices eventually wear out and fail.

Q: So what is this magical fuel source?

A: Sorry, that is still proprietary and we cannot tell. As soon as the design is validated as a robust option and a patent is secured, REMMI will release the motor for public review and sale.

Q: So is REMMI selling a motor?

A: Yes, the motor will be made available for sale in several configurations, a stand alone motor, an emergency power generator and as an OEM solution.

Q: What size is the motor?

A: REMMI plans to scale the motor in many size, power and speed configurations. The initial offering is forecast to compete with the standard five horsepower internal combustion "small" engine in both power and physical size.

Q: What is the projected cost?

A: While the final costs are still unknown, the forecast is to be competitive with current motor and generator options in the mid to high quality price range.



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Act now to reserve your place for this one time only offer. By pre-ordering you receive the opportunity to buy one of the first 100 motors at a locked in 30% off of the final list price.


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Act now to reserve your place for this one time only offer. By pre-ordering you receive the opportunity to buy one of the first 100 motors at a locked in 30% off of the final list price.

Notes from Raymond